Monday, July 27, 2009

Cancer Free

Greg's dad Lin went in for his 2nd PET scan since receiving chemo and radiation and he is officially cancer free! I cannot tell you how happy, elated, relieved, thankful, etc. that we all are! God is soooo good! I think we were all a little worried-his last scan had shown a small spot on his lung and I think that for months we have been holding our breath waiting to get a confirmation on what it could be. It was apparently a shadow and not anything cancerous.
Lin is still undergoing other medical things right now-but he is in good spirits. He had to have some dental surgery prior to receiving chemo and radiation treatment and when he went in for a checkup recently-the doctors were not too pleased with his healing progress. He now has to go to Good Shepherd for 40-that is right-40 treatments in a hyperbaric chamber to help with the healing process. I hope the treatments pass quickly for him!

So-thanks to you all for prayers and support! I really have to give a big shout of thanks to all my PT family-you have all been great about remembering Lin in your prayers and about asking me about his progress-it meant the world to me!

Lexington "Lexi" Kate Terry

Well-she finally arrived! Lexington Kate was born on July 21st weighing in at 8 pounds and 5 ounces. She was 20 inches long. Hannah had been dilated to a 2 for over a week and was a week over her due date-she was ready for the baby to come out!!! Mom, dad, Jordan, and I were able to go and see her and London and Lillian. I could not believe that as we were all taking pictures that Hannah now has a family of 5!!!! I truly did not think that she would be the first to have kiddos-but now she has 3 girls and they truly are all beautiful! Hannah and Jeff looked so happy with their newest addition to the family! Enjoy the pics-more to come later!!!

A Happy Family of 5!

A full head of hair!

Lilli is taking it all in! :-)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Random Summer News

Greg and I successfully finished our week at the TFB Youth Leadership Conference and we are glad to be back home. We found out before leaving that Greg's group finished in 2nd place for the week-losing 1st by only 3 points. We were really proud of the progress they made during the course of the week!
My mom and London picked us up at the Farm Buruea office in Longview-London and Lilli had been staying with Grammy for the weekend. I have to tell you that Hannah and Jeff have some beautiful girls! :-) Hannah is due any day now with another addition to the family and I think everyone is ready to meet the newest cutie! I really enjoyed getting to see the girls-they are growing so fast and I can't believe the changes that take place between each visit. I will have to get some pictures from mom so that I can show you how much they have grown.
So-we get back from San Angelo late Friday afternoon and Greg had to leave on Sunday morning for a Field Staff meeting in San Marcos. Saturday, he spent his time bailing hay, while I spent my time with the girls and doing laundry to get him ready for the next trip. As you all know-during this time frame, all over the news was the shocking death of Michael Jackson. And if you know me very know that just the mention of his name or to hear the music from his song, Thriller-scares the CRAP outta me!!! So, back to the news-I am watching t.v. and flipping through the channels-when there it is...the song that I hope I never hear-Thriller-all at once I revert back to the scared 5 year old who, did I mention, watched the making of the video and then the big television premiere of Thriller. I was so scared I called mom and made her stay on the phone with me while I packed a bag to go stay at her house. Jordan-this is for you(he makes fun of me, but I don't care): To whoever reads this-I can say that, yes, I am 27 years old-I am married-I have car, house, and tractor payments, and YES-I am scared to death whenever I hear Michal Jackson sing the Thriller song. See Jordan, I can admit it-I bet others are scared too! :-)
Enough about that-along the same lines-Farrah Fawcett also passed away. I had recently watched her special on t.v. that documented her couragous battle with cancer. If you did not get to see that-she was so super brave and strong for trying to fight such a monster of a disease. I pray for her family and friends who were with her during that fight and who are hurting.

Hay-so whenever we are in town, Greg and I are normally at the farm trying to keep up with all the hay that is just growing like crazy (if we don't get some rain soon, it will stop though). Yesterday morning we get up and get ready to go. We are going to bail up about 20 acres of hay. This partiucular field I am so proud of. Last year, we all worked so hard to plant this field and it was some tough work-so I looked at it like a mom might look at her child-I was a proud momma! :-) There was a TON of hay out there! In the beginning, I think I looked at the massive amoiunts of hay on the ground as time and hard work-Greg has helped me to look at it as money! So-I have a much easier time bailing hay today! :-)
Here is my rake and the lovely nice rows of hay I was beginning to make!
Anyway-I get the job of raking the 20 acres-no problemo-I was happy to do it. I grabbed my ipod, sunglasses and a bottle of water and I was good to go.

I was so proud of my nice neat rows of hay that I might have gotten a little too confident. While turning to make another row of hay-I turned a little too sharply and heard a loud noise. I immediately stopped the tractor, backed up and made my turn-no problem. But then I begin to think...what made that noise-there was no apparent sign of a big mistake I made-nothing looked broken. But, it just kept nagging at my thoughts. so I stopped the tractor and took a closer look-here is what I saw.

A very bent jack! So-I called Greg and asked him if the jack on the rake was suppose to be bent and crooked...hoping maybe it was :-). He quickly came over to take and look and-of course-it was not suppose to look like that, but he assured me all was well and he could fix it. He is so sweet!

Greg fixing my mistake!!! Oops!

So-to wrap it up-Greg saved the day! We are both doing great-just working and enjoying our time together. I still have lots to learn about the farm-but I am thankful that I have Greg to help teach me and to be patient with me! :-)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Back at school...

Man-I feel old and tired this week! :-)
Greg and I are so super busy at the camp this week! Breakfast is at 6:45 and our last meeting, when we make sure all the kids are accounted for is at 11pm. All the kids have been divided into companies and Greg is heading up Company H. We are in 2nd place right now among all the other companies and truly-I have no clue why! :-) Just an example of how the companies compete for points,etc.-This morning our kids had to perform a rap that they had made up about the camp...did I mention that these kids are at an agriculture camp, meaning most grew up on rap was about John Deere tractors-LOL! Anyway-our group went up there and came away with a win. Greg and I were in disbelief-our group is quite a strange mix of all different kinds of kids-but they have made it fun and interesting to work with them.
I have had a hard time keeping my mouth closed-the teacher in me wants to take over and organize, but this week is about the kids taking leadership roles and doing a lot of the tasks on their own. For all my fellow Kinder friends-I had to almost put my hand over my mouth last night when a few kids were talking while Greg was-it was on the tip of my tongue to ask them to put a bubble in their mouth-no lie-I almost did! :-)
The kids really seem to love Greg and he does a great job with them. I am really proud that he can keep the creative ideas flowing from them and to keep them focused-I only thought 5 year olds had a hard time-geez-these kids need constant redirection. But, Greg is great-as I have all told yall before!
So-I just helped check 2 floors of girl rooms to make sure they all went to their group meetings and that all hair appliances are unplugged. I am suppose to be helping Greg with group discussions-so I better go get back to work!

On a side note-if you read this Jackie-I am so sorry I missed seeing sweet Erin last week-things were just so busy last week. :-(

Monday, June 22, 2009

San Angelo-Here We Come!

Well-I guess by now you have figured out we are not stuck in Virginia anymore! :-) We did finally make it back and landed at about 8:15pm Friday night...but we did not even get out of the airport until 10! It was like we had to fight every step of the way to get home to good ole East Texas.
So, we made it back and as promised I went to meet Mr. Kingston. WOW! I really can't think of a word that best describes him and the happiness I feel for the Kraus family-I think that he is so, so, adorably cute and once you pick him up, it is so hard to put him down-I really could stare at him for hours! :-)
After we made it back home and I had met Kingston and reunited with the families (me and my momma missed each other a lot) it was time to work. Greg put me on a tractor and that it pretty much where I have been until today! We are on the road to San Angelo University and we are about to begin Texas Farm Bureau's 46th annual Youth Leadership Conference! We left at about 7 this mornig from Longview and picked up about 46-48 kids on the way. All the kiddos have been great and I was suprised at how quiet the bus ride was. I am now in my dorm room (new dorms and I am in the Resident Advisor's room-so it is pretty sweet) trying to unpack before dinner. It amazes me that I purposely went to Kilgore College to aquire 60 hours so that I could live off campus when I transfered to SFA...and here I am 27 years old and married-in a stinkin dorm room-what are the odds! Funny how things turn out! Well-off to eat college food-pizza-hope I have great stories to tell later!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Stuck In Virginia

Well-Greg and I left Monday for a Farm Bureau Conference that was to be held in Williamsburg, Virginia. The cheapest route was to fly out of Shreveport to Dallas and then from Dallas to Richmond, and then to drive to Williamsburg, an hour away. So, Monday morning we wake up and head to Longview to drop off some stuff at the Longview Farm Bureau office and we receive a call...the flight from Shreveport had been cancelled and we now had to drive to Dallas and hopefully make our flight. We were seated on the plane and less than 10 minutes later we were actually on the runway about to ascend into the sky! We, along with 4 other FB coworkers happened to be on the same flight, got a rental car and headed on to Williamsburg. During our stay-we have seen a lot of beautiful scenery and historic country. I feel I really did not enjoy the entire trip because Kingston was here and I wanted to meet him!!!! :-) You all understand! So-today when Greg's last meeting ended at 10:30-we all hopped in the car and boogied to Virginia to reach our 1:15 flight. We got to the airport and the flight had been moved to 3:45.....then it got CANCELED!! YUCK! The EARLIEST we can get out is tomorrow night at 6:15-did I mention that I have a baby I want to meet!!! :-) So-we are in a hotel for the moment and hope to get some good food soon~at least I am in good company! Missing East Texas at the moment-Paige and Greg!!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Baby News

I know I have not officially met him...since I am in Virginia right now-BUT-Mr. Kingston Hunter Kraus has arrived! If you do not know this great baby that I am speaking of-it is my buddy Amanda and her husband, Beeper's first child. I have seen two pictures of him and I am already in love.
I have been on an emotional roller coaster today! :- ) I had the nervous stomach rumble going on and every time my phone beeped to let me know I had a text-I nearly jumped out of my skin-Thanks YaYa for the updates!!! :-) Greg got out of his meeting at noon today-but he had to wait for lunch-I was not budging from the hotel until I had heard all was well with Amanda and Kingston. Thankfully-Greg, as usual was great and never expected me to leave-he would just pat my arm every 5 to 10 minutes and say-Babe-they are fine. Amanda is in good hands, stop worrying. (if I was this nervous for Amanda, I hate to think how I will be when I am in her shoes)
Amanda is such a dear and true friend and I have treasured our friendship from the very beginning.
Amanda and Beeper-I can't wait to meet him in person! I am so proud of you both for going to that hospital and being the champs that you are! Greg and I are ready to babysit anytime-seriously! I know that probably won't happen with all the family you have that has been anxiously awaiting his arrival, but I just wanted to put the offer on the table! :-)
As for the rest of you-when I get back in town-that is the first place I am going-I can't wait to kiss those cute cheeks and to smell that baby smell-sigh-isn't it the greatest thing on earth!
You two are such a blessing to me and Greg and we love you lots! See you on Friday!